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KozGro Organics

We Make Plant and Soil Builders, Not Fertilizers

KozGro Organics believes that the first and most essential step to growing healthy gardens and nurturing beautiful landscapes is nourishing the soil, and that is exactly what their products were designed to do. Their products are made with high quality ingredients, designed to increase the soil’s natural fertility, which in turn improves overall plant health and vibrancy.

KozGro Organics is an organic plant and soil builder dedicated to the health of Idaho plants and soil. Their product has been produced in Idaho and family owned since its creation in 1956. They have four products to support growing in many different capacities: GardenGro for fruit and vegetable baring plants and trees; Lawn & Landscape for ornamental plants and lawns; House Plant Elixir for indoor plants; and Agricultural Field Blend (AFB) for our larger farming operations.

One of the more unique qualities of KozGro Organics line of products is the addition of a high quality humic acid. Humic acid may be the key to healthy plants & soil. Humic acids are the molecules that make it possible for plant roots to receive minerals and water.

Their products help to create an appropriate environment for beneficial micro & macro-organisms and naturally builds the fertility of the soil.


  • House Plant Elixir
  • GardenGro
  • Lawn & Landscape
  • Agricultural Field Blend
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