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Digging into Idaho Organics Week July 11-17!

Governor Little proclaimed July 11 – 17,  2022  Idaho Organics Week! Organic agriculture has a huge impact on our local food community and the state’s overall economy. During Idaho Organics Week, we shine a spotlight Idaho’s diverse organic agricultural community, who choose to grow and produce in accordance with state and federal organic labeling standards. 

Organic Agriculture is Good for Idaho!

Consuming certified organic food and ag products is a positive choice for you and your family, but also our community and economy.

Consumer demand for organic food has steadily grown in recent years. Over 350 certified organic Idaho farm operations work hard to meet that demand. Idaho’s certified organic farming operations are managed under systems that promote and enhance biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biodiversity activity and undergo independent third-party inspections to ensure compliance.

Organic agriculture stimulates Idaho’s economy by supporting local businesses and reinvesting money back into the community. Organic agriculture contributed more than $205,000,000 to Idaho’s economy in 2020.

Idaho Preferred Proudly Supports Its Organics Producers!

Idaho’s bounty and diversity of certified organic products is pretty impressive. Whether you are looking for produce, eggs, dairy, meat, flowers or fiber, you will want to first check Idaho Preferred Organics Farmers to find certified organic food that is grown, raised or processed in Idaho. We are proud to support the following certified organic farmers, ranchers, processors and food crafters as Idaho Preferred members.

1000 Springs Mill
A+ Ranch Organics
Brooks Broth
Cloud 11 Mountain Farm
Edwards Greenhouse
Emmett Royal Honey
Flock & Feather
Happy Day Brands
Harvest Ridge Organics
Hen & Hare Microfarm with Apis
Hillside Grain
Kozgro Organics
Kraay’s Market & Garden
Legacy Farms
M&M Heath Farms
New Choices Farm
Northern Latitude Foods
Oakdell Egg Farms
Ohana No Till Farm
Peaceful Belly Farms
Purple Sage Farms
Rocky Mountain Honey
Seven Oaks Orchards
Treasure Valley Greens
Vogel Farms
Wada Farms
Weiser River Ranch
Wood River Ranch Beef

Plan your dining experience or shopping trip using the Idaho Preferred website, and find local Idaho restaurants, retailers, and farmers markets who offer certified organic ingredients and other ag products.

Did You Know…

… Idaho ranks in the top 10 in the nation for the production of many organic products?

… Idaho certifies 358 organic operations throughout the state, with organic cropland and rangeland acreage increasing in recent years? 

…organic agriculture contributed more than $205 million to Idaho’s economy in 2020? 

Look for the Idaho or USDA Organic labels and know the products you are consuming are Certified Organic! 

Organic is a labeling term that means an agricultural product is created under farming practices that foster the cycling of resources to conserve biodiversity. Organic certification** ensures a farm or handling facility complies with federal or state organic regulations and allows for the sale, labeling, and representation of their food, feed, or fiber products as organic. 

Foods labeled organic must meet strict growing or production requirements.  Regulations vary based on the product, but all organic farms and agricultural operations implement practices that promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. For example…

Farmers produce crops without GMO materials, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation.

Livestock producers raise animals that have access to the outdoors, are fed organic feed and are not given growth hormones. Further, the animals must not be treated with antibiotics.

Handling facilities follow requirements that maintain organic integrity to ensure food is produced without prohibited ingredients. 

**Producers that sell less than $5000 are exempt from certification, but must maintain records to show compliance with NOP guidelines. 

The USDA Organic Integrity Database is an up-to-date list of all certified organic farmers, livestock growers, producers and handlers and their products.