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Choosing fresh-picked cherries supports local farmers and agriculture! Idaho cherries are truly the jewels of the orchard, celebrated for their exquisite flavor and sun-drenched sweetness, nurtured by dedicated local growers. With Idaho’s cherry season being brief, savor this delicate fruit while it lasts! Look for Idaho-grown cherries at retail stores, local farmers markets, co-ops, smaller retailers, and farm stands, or experience picking your own at our u-pick orchards.

cherry season in idaho

Cherries are among the first fruits available in Idaho, harvested as early as June and lasting through July and August. Idaho predominantly grows sweet varieties, though some orchards offer tart pie cherries. The popular IdahoBing and Lapin cherries are notable for their large size, dark color, firm texture, and exceptional flavor. Hand-harvested at peak freshness, these cherries are delivered to market swiftly. Additionally, Idaho produces lighter-skinned varieties such as Lamberts, Rainiers, and Royal Anns.

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selecting + Storing idaho Cherries

What to Look For: Always look for shiny, plump cherries with fresh green stems and dark coloring for their variety.

How to Store: Keep cherries unwashed and stems attached, in a paper bag, loosely-covered container, or loosely closed plastic bag in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them.

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