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Idaho Preferred’s Essential Nursery, Greenhouse & Garden Center Guide

For twenty years, local consumers know to look for the Idaho Preferred logo to identify Idaho-grown and crafted agricultural-related products. In fact, the Idaho Preferred logo helps you know that the plants, trees and shrubs you purchase from your local nursery or greenhouse will thrive in Idaho’s diverse climate and soils. By purchasing items tagged with the Idaho Preferred logo from your local lawn and garden growers, you are not only supporting your local growers, economy and community but you are also ensuring success in your own lawn and garden projects. What grows in Idaho, thrives in Idaho!

Look for the Idaho Preferred logo when shopping for lawn and garden items and know you’re supporting local growers who produce fresh, high-quality products from right here in our State. Purchasing plants and trees bearing the logo means you can be confident they’re grown in Idaho.  

Idaho is a large state with various climate zones, from high desert to alpine. Soil type is an equally important factor when selecting plants and trees. It just makes sense to purchase your garden products from the local professionals who understand which plants and trees will thrive in your climate and soil. Take advantage of the local expertise when purchasing any garden and nursery items.  

Idaho Preferred continues to partner with local Idaho nursery and greenhouse growers to emphasize the importance of locally-sourced lawn and garden products. And in 2023, we’re celebrating these amazing local producers throughout the Gem State with our own “virtual garden party” on social media. Join us all April and May as we share garden how-to tips and tricks from these experts.

Download your free seed starter chart by visiting the new Idaho Preferred Nursery Directory.

Look for the logo


From Christmas trees to cactus, you can trust the experts at Adams Gardens, a locally owned, full-service Nursery and Garden Center in Nampa. Get tips on what and when to plant in your specific part of the Treasure Valley. As they say, “some like it hot, some like it shady, some love a little of both.” And while the soil may be perfect for lilacs on one side of your home, the same plant may struggle on the other side. Leave it to the staff at Adams Gardens to guide you to a successful gardening experience. And check out their Spring vegetable planting guide for the Treasure Valley area!  

Location: Nampa, ID – SW ID 
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm; closed Sunday and Monday. Delivery available! 
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail 
Primary Products: Perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, landscaping materials

Adams Gardens, Nampa Idaho
Alpha Nursery & Garden Center, Cascade, Idaho


Located at 5,000 feet elevation, about 20 minutes south of McCall, ID in hardy Zone 4, Alpha Garden Center serves Valley County residents. Trust the Alpha Garden Center experts to select plants and trees that perform best given the area’s shorter growing season. You’ll find a lush variety of locally grown perennials and annuals that perform best despite late spring and early fall frosts. Look for Alpha Garden Center at the corner of Alpha Lane and State Highway 55 in Cascade, ID.  

Location: Cascade, ID – SW ID  
Hours of Operation: May 1-Oct 15, 8am – 5pm 7 days a week 
Retail and/or Wholesale:  retail.
Primary Products: Bedding plants, trees and select plants suited for mountain climates.


From seed to bloom no flowers are fresher or more beautiful than the ones blooming right now, locally, and true to the season.  During our season, we harvest daily and stock the farm stand with lots of variety. We also have other locally produced from artisanal friends and neighbors.

Location: 2431 Moon Shadow Road, Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9 am to 3 pm
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Locally grown flowers. Farm stand. Classes and farm tours.

Bee Haven Flower Farm, Bonner's Ferry, Idaho
Brady's Plant Ranch, Downey Idaho


Regional retail garden center located in the heart of Marsh Valley, ID featuring plants that thrive in Eastern Idaho soils including ornamental plants, trees, shrubs and vegetable starts. Great gardening classes, too!

Location: 3525 E Virginia Road, Downey, ID 83234
Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 9am to 6pm
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Seasonal garden center and florist (open year round by appointment.)


Clayton Tree Farm started in 1979, when Bill and Diane Clayton first planted 2,500 trees on their Boise farm. Years later, they would move the farm and their operation to west Treasure Valley, in Wilder. Today, Clayton Tree Farm produces some 20,000 trees each year. As a wholesale grower of deciduous fruit, flowering, and shade trees suited to our Southwest Idaho semi-arid climate, they ship trees across the country during the spring, summer, and fall, but primarily for the Rocky Mountain regions.

On the farm, you’ll find a wide variety of trees including over 14 varieties of maple, five different kinds of hawthorn, seven varieties of oak, and several other fruit, flowering, and shade trees.

Location: Wilder, ID – SW ID  
Hours of Operation: Not open to the public
Retail and/or Wholesale: Wholesale
Primary Products: Trees 

Clayton Tree Farm, Wilder Idaho
Cloverdale Nursery, Meridian ID


Cloverdale Nursery spans just over 19 acres in the heart of the Treasure Valley (SW ID). The operation is an impressive site to behold from the drone photography shown here. After growing and selling turf in the Treasure Valley for over 50 years, Cloverdale Nursery is an expert on local soil conditions, offering experienced advice on the best tree and shrub options, and optimal site preparation for planting. They specialize in zone-hardy trees, shrubs and grasses, soil, sod, and bark. A quick visit to their expansive retail operation is sure to impress.  

Location: Meridian, ID – SW ID 
Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat 8 – 5  
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both 
Primary Products: Trees, Shrubs, Grasses, Bark Products, Garden Mix, Planting Mix, Sod, Lava Products, Shale 



In 1959, when Idaho had half the number of people it has today, a couple of fellows named Dutch and Bud set up a farming wholesale store in the rural agricultural town of Caldwell. Even then, D&B was a one-stop shop where you could find everything you needed to keep your farm running. D&B expanded throughout the decades into a chain of stores in Idaho and Oregon offers a wide selection of quality products including beautiful nursery and greenhouse plants that are acclimated to your specific climate in Idaho.

Location: Chain stores located throughout Idaho
Hours of Operation: Mon thru Sat, 8am to 8pm
Sunday, 9am to 6pm
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Floral potted plants, premium spring baskets and pots, annuals, bedding plants

D& B Supply, Flagship store located in Caldwell, ID
Du-Rite Nursery, Meridian ID


If you’re thinking of planting a tree in the Treasure Valley, ask Du-Rite first. Tom Thibault started Du-Rite Nursery in SW Idaho’s Treasure Valley in 1971. Every morning Tom would rise, fire up the delivery truck, and move products so Treasure Valley people could enjoy crafting their own garden. Now, more than 50 years later, he’s created a family-owned and operated garden design center specializing in a broad selection of trees and shrubbery. Du-Rite Nursery serves both wholesale and retail customers. Tom’s sons, Tommy and Kevin, and daughter, Debbie, continue the legacy with grandsons Bailey and Tanner. 

Location: Meridian, ID – SW Idaho  
Hours of Operation:  
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both 
Primary Products: Shade and flowering trees, pine trees, Austrian trees, spruce trees – Norway, Blackhills, Serbian, Colorado 


Nestled in a little gully along the foothills of Boise’s North End neighborhood is the iconic Edwards Greenhouse, an independent family-owned gardening sanctuary for over 60 years. In addition to their knowledgeable staff and high-quality plants, you’ll want to see for yourself what makes Edwards special, including: 

  • Music in the gazebo for An Evening at Edwards 
  • YogaPop Meditation in the Garden classes and workshops 
  • You-pick flowers in the cutting garden 
  • Retail market, with plants and local artisan crafts 
  • Special events, weddings, etc.
  • Children’s gardening program: Edwards Earthworms 
    Location: Boise, ID – SW Idaho 
    Hours of Operation: M-Sat. 9:00AM-5:00PM; Sun. 11:00AM-4:00PM 
    Retail and/or Wholesale: Both 
    Primary Products: Annuals & Perennials 
Franz Witte, Nampa, ID


Don’t knock that summer job! Franz Witte started this Boise landscaping company in 1971 as a summer job to build and install landscapes. That summer job grew into one of Idaho’s most successful landscape, maintenance, and garden center companies. 50 years later, in 2021, Franz Witte moved to its new location in Nampa, just in time for Mother’s Day weekend. The new garden center is a destination to experience – worth an afternoon to commune with nature and plants and feed your garden habit – and now open year-round!  

Location: Nampa, ID and McCall, ID – SW ID  
Hours of Operation: Spring hours Nampa: Monday – Saturday 9 am to 6 pm; Sunday 10 am to 5 pm; McCall: Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm 
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail 
Primary Products: Landscape services, perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, gifts 


Jordan’s Garden Center is a local, family-run business that focuses on locally sourced products. They stock fresh produce daily sourced from local growers. With the addition of their garden center, they are happy to offer a great variety of locally grown trees and shrubs. They always support buying local Idaho plants and produce!

Location: 2591 S. Cole Road, Boise, ID
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 9 am – 7 pm | Sundays 9 am – 6 pm
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Flowers and bedding plants, locally grown trees and shrubs, as well as seasonal produce from around the valley. Classes and special events.

Jordan's Garden Center, Boise, ID
Legacy Farms, Sandpoint ID


Idaho is a large state with many climate zones, which is why it’s important to source your lawn and garden plants from a local nursery or greenhouse, especially plants that aren’t normally suited to a given climate zone. In the North, we’re lucky to have Legacy Farms, a highly specialized nursery located in Sandpoint. Featured plants include haskap, blackberry plants, and champagne raspberry plants specifically developed for Idaho’s extreme northern latitude climate (zones 3 – 7).  

Location: Sandpoint, ID – N ID  
Hours of Operation:   —
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both 
Primary Products: Haskap, blackberry, and champagne raspberry plants

Melliflora LLC

Melliflora is the floral production arm of Mellifera farm with specialty cut flowers available as a subscription, direct farm sales, or to the wholesale trade.

Location: 1151 Burnt Ridge Road, Troy, ID
Hours of Operation: Call ahead
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Locally grown flowers and bouquets. Farm stand. Classes and farm tours by appointment.

Melliflora LLC, Troy, ID
Moss Greenhouses, Jerome ID


What started as a hobby in 1952 quickly became a family-owned and operated business now going on four generations. Moss Greenhouses grows nursery plants in over 300,000 sf of covered greenhouses and 3 acres of outside growing areas. The onsite retail store, open March thru August, serves their loyal walk-in customers. A large part of their business is wholesale, selling to retail nurseries across 7 different states and as far as 700 miles away. Moss Greenhouse cares about its community and hosts gardening classes, school tours, and an annual Ladies Night Out vendor fair.  

Location: Jerome in Southern Idaho’s Magic Valley  
Hours of Operation: April – July: Monday thru Friday 10am-6pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 10am-5pm 
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both 
Primary Products: Bedding plants, herbs, hanging baskets, vegetables 

North End Organic Nursery

The North End Organic Nursery is a locally owned, sustainable, full-service and 100% organic garden center, with onsite plant nursery specializing in edible, native, and water conserving plants.
Location: 3777 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City, ID 83741
Hours of Operation: Monday ~ Saturday 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Bare root floral trees, native, xeric and edible plants, floral potted plants, premium spring baskets and pots, annuals, organic soil, soil amendments and fertilizers, bedding plants.

North End Organic Nursery, Garden City, Idaho
Old Valley Farm, Eagle Idaho


Old Valley Farm produces high quality plants at a fair price. Plants are grown in the Treasure Valley and thrive in the Inter-Mountain West climate. Old Valley Farm cultivates an infectious passion for horticulture as they exchange firsthand knowledge and stories of gardening experiences with customers.

Location: Eagle, ID – SW ID  
Hours of Operation:  
Retail and/or Wholesale: 
Primary Products: 


Purvis Orchards grafts, grows, and sells trees of hard-to-find fruit cultivars that will survive and ripen in USDA Zones 2-6, for growers in the northern tier states.

The 1.5 acre orchard is a germplasm repository for fruit cultivars for the north country and western Mountain states, and test site for fruit cultivars’ suitability for the Treasure Valley. Purvis Nursery and Orchard offers scionwood (or propagation twigs) of these cultivars to backyard fruit growers and also sells hard-to-find rootstocks in retail quantities. Since 1985, Purvis has taught grafting and pruning classes for the general public and also offers consulting for homeowners. Now that the orchard is in its 13th season and coming into full production, Purvis also sells his fruit to the general public. 

Location: Wilder, ID – SW ID  
Hours of Operation: Not open to public
Retail and/or Wholesale: Wholesale
Primary Products: Fruit trees

Purvis Orchards, Wilder ID
Sunnyside Gardens Ammon ID


Turn that brown thumb green! Sunnyside Gardens is living proof of the benefits of purchasing garden and landscaping materials from people who know what works in your backyard… because it’s close to their backyards. Located in E. Idaho (Ammon) since 1987, this family-owned garden center is here to help. Whether you’re a beginning or experienced gardener, Sunnyside Gardens is a premier resource for “how to” tips to help you grow a healthy and rewarding garden. Certified Nursery Professionals are on staff to help you choose the right plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees for your location and soil. Follow their advice and turn that brown thumb green! 

Location: Ammon, ID – E ID 
Hours of Operation: 8 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Saturday; closed Sunday 
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail 
Primary Products: Plants, soil amendments, trees and shrubs, mulch and rocks, seeds and bulbs, gifts


Eastern Idaho’s favorite garden center since 1964!” What began as a small operation selling bedding plants, now offers Eastern Idaho’s largest selection of trees, shrubs, mulch, gardening tools, plant pest solutions, Christmas trees, and poinsettias.  
John Crooks enrolled in the horticulture program at Rick’s College (now BYU-Idaho) in 1976. Two years later he began managing his father’s nursery. In 1983, he bought the company and expanded the business by building 20,000 sf of greenhouse and an additional 20,000 sf of shade houses. Today, each staff member is a knowledgeable gardening consultant making Town & Country Gardens the go-to resource for area gardening success. No wonder they’ve consistently been voted the people’s choice award for gardening center in Eastern Idaho.  
Check out their social media and website for in-depth posts about everything from eliminating billbugs in your lawn to holiday poinsettias. 

Location: Idaho Falls, ID – E ID; 
Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday, 9-6 
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail 
Primary Products: Deciduous flowering and shade trees, bedding plants, flower baskets

Town & Country Gardens, Idaho Falls ID
Warm Springs Greenhouse, Garden Valley, ID


Idaho is known for its vast geothermal resources, tapped for hundreds of years as an environmentally friendly energy source. Warm Springs Greenhouse & Nursery uses their hot springs to efficiently grow their gorgeous flowers for local Idaho retailers who serve consumers. You won’t find this stunning array of bursting color and floral variety at big box stores. Another great reason to patronize Idaho home and garden retailers. Enjoy their beautifully crafted floral potted plants, premium spring baskets and pots, and annuals grown with love and years of experience by this multi-generational family business.   

Location: Garden Valley, ID – SW ID  
Hours of Operation: Not open to the public 
Retail and/or Wholesale: Wholesale 
Primary Products: Floral potted plants, premium spring baskets and pots, annuals 


For over 88 years, Zamzows has remained family-owned. Today the business is owned by Jim Zamzow, grandson of founders August and Carmelita and is operated by Jim’s two children, Callie and Jos Zamzow.

Location: Chain stores located throughout Idaho
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM.
Saturday 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM 
Sunday 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Floral potted plants, premium spring baskets and pots, annuals, bedding plants

Zamzows Garden Centers, Idaho locations