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Fresh Idaho Food in November

What’s Fresh in November?

beets and greens saladMost people might think that the words “fresh foods” and “November” don’t go together in a sentence. But lucky for us, that is not the case in Idaho!

Our fresh November veggies include late harvest salad greens, microgreens, onions, carrots, beets, potatoes and peppers, as well as fresh and dried herbs. Now is the time to look for local pie pumpkins for that homemade Thanksgiving pie tradition (try our Fresh Pumpkin Pie recipe), and the beautiful winter squash varieties including butternut, acorn, spaghetti and delicata.

For fruit, choose Idaho apples! Fresh crop apples are still in season with some of the best varieties (ahem, Honey Crisp) available now. You can also find eggs, meat and fish, dried beans and legumes, specialty foods – honey, jelly, jam, breads and pastries – and of course, Idaho wine, beer and cider all made with local ingredients!

Try making this fantastic beet and greens salad recipe using items available now at your local farmers market. Some markets continue into November and December – check with your local farmers market for winter hours and indoor locations.

In Idaho, it’s easy to be fresh and eat local in November!