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Idaho Preferred Farm-Raised Meat Guide

Idaho Preferred Farm-Raised Meat Guide

Supporting Idaho’s farmers and ranchers this holiday season and beyond has never been easier! Check out the Idaho Preferred Farm Raised Meat Guide to stock your freezer with fresh ingredients and prepare for festive family meals. We’ve compiled a list of Idaho Preferred farmers and ranchers who provide direct buy options for you to purchase locally sourced cuts or shares of turkey, lamb, bison, pork, beef, goat, deer, and more through the rancher’s websites or at their market stands. Get ready to savor the taste of Idaho this holiday season!

Did you know Idaho has a rich ranching heritage? Ranching is deeply embedded in Idaho’s heritage, with many families passing down their livestock farming traditions through generations. Currently, Idaho ranks 3rd in the nation for cattle and 7th for sheep and lamb.

The state is dotted with a robust array of ranches and farms, offering a direct source for consumers to buy fresh, locally-raised protein products.

Looking for a meat alternative? There are Idaho Preferred producers that offer great locally-grown protein options that are perfect for your holiday table. Check out the Idaho Preferred Farm and Food Finder to explore mushrooms, beans, quinoa growers and so many more! So support your local farmers and ranchers and make your holiday feast extra special with Idaho Preferred!