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Farm-Raised Meat Guide: Beef

Idaho Preferred Farm-Raised Meat Guide: Beef

Elevate your dining experience this season with a variety of locally sourced meats from Idaho. Fill your freezers with beef produced right here, ensuring transparency in your food source and direct support for Idaho’s dedicated ranch families.

Did you know that Idaho cultivates over 185 commodities and cattle is Idaho’s 2nd largest agriculture sector? Meaning Idaho is a bountiful state where you can more likely find almost anything you need for your dinner table grown, raised, or crafted locally. Check out the Idaho Preferred Farm + Food Finder and discover a local beef rancher near you!

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guide to discovering Idaho’s Preferred direct-buy beef producers
Joe and Jill Watterson with their two children

24 West Ranch

Just west of Boise, Idaho owned and operated by the Watterson family, 24 West Ranch has been in operation since 1924. Their cattle graze in the open air, fed only grass and alfalfa grown on the ranch.

Check out their beef here!

A+ Ranch Organics

A+ Ranch in Richfield is a second-generation family farm, founded in 1978. Through the 1980s and 90s the farm raised turkeys, cattle, and forage crops with organic farming practices always innate. Their farm was Certified Organic in 2008.

Check out their beef here!

Bear Grace ranch

Bear Grace Ranch is family owned and operated. They are a 5th generation family farm located on the Snake River in Caldwell. Idaho. They farm row crops and run a small herd of Angus cows on the Ranch. Their goal is to provide high quality local beef to their customers.

Check out their beef here!

BMB Cattle Co.

BMB Cattle Company participates in community supported agriculture (CSA) for its beef production. Simply put, you “subscribe” to a predetermined amount of meat to be delivered right to your house! If you’re not interested in participating in CSA, you can also buy a share, or portion, of a cow.

Check out their beef here!

Michelle with sign from FB
Cows in green pasture

Brady’s plant ranch

Brady’s Idaho Beef is raised in a small mountain valley in the southeastern corner of Idaho. The farm has seen four generations of Bradys produce everything from sugar beets and sheep, to a small dairy operation, to bedding plants, vegetables, and now, grass-fed, Idaho beef.

Check out their beef here!

Bruce Ranch Beef
Pleasant Valley

Bruce Ranch Beef CSA provides “slow grown Idaho beef” through its community supported agriculture efforts. You can now reserve your share of beef for the coming year!

Check out their beef here!

Bruce Ranch family standing in field
Cross-o-Meats family posing in field with mountain background

Cross O Meats

The Cross O Ranch was established in 1890 and has seen six generations live in the same house at the same location. It is nestled in the second deepest canyon in the continental United States and the beauty and views are absolutely breathtaking. Despite its harsh terrain, it is home to some of the best land to raise and harvest cattle.

Check out their beef here!

desert mountain

Desert-Mountain Grass-Fed Beef is a cooperative of 10+ small, family ranches, working together to restore our lands and ecosystems, all while tenderly caring for their cattle, birth to finish. Their beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

Check out their beef here!

gutierrez family farms

Gutierrez Family Farms grazes their ewes and lambs year-round on their small farm in Nampa, Idaho. Livestock graze rotationally through spring and summer months, and preserve their winter hay fields to provide year-round grazing.

Check out their beef here!

Hipwell ranch

Raised locally in the beautiful Owyhee Mountain range, Hipwell Ranch offers all natural, local grass fed and finished beef, along with chicken and pork. No antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO – simply back to their roots farming practices that create healthy soils. sustainable feed, and high nutritional benefits for all Hipwell Ranch meats.

Check out their beef here!

hoagland meat

The Hoagland family has been in the cattle industry for over 70 years. The first Hoagland in the family line to settle in southern Idaho was in the early 1900s. Today, the Hoagland family not only continues to raise high quality beef, but also works with other responsible ranchers in Idaho and eastern Oregon to provide you and your family with nutritious local beef.

Check out their beef here!

Howell Ranch beef

Howell Ranch Beef is a family owned ranch in the Payette River valley of southwest Idaho. They have been in business since 1998 raising top quality Angus and Angus-cross cattle.

Check out their beef here!

k&l farms

Meet the Lancaster family! Kayla and Sean are the co-owners of this farm with Kayla’s dad, Fred Kenyon. K&L farms stands for Kenyon & Lancaster Farms. They were all born and raised in Southern Idaho. Their beef is pasture raised, then grain finished for 90 days to help develop the marbling for the best flavor possible. They are finished with a three way, which is oats, barley, and corn.

Check out their beef here!

lazy sb cattle
King hill

The mission of Lazy SB Cattle is to provide local quality beef direct to the customer from the farm. They first built a typical operation that sold calves thru the sale yard at weaning. Along came 2020 and the cattle market crashed, so they began selling three beef on the rail to make up lost money. USDA retail cuts were brought into the picture in 2021.

Check out their beef here!

little cow mountain farms

Little Cow Mountain Farms in Caldwell has chosen a pasture-based system for its livestock to provide a quality and healthy life for their animals. Their registered American Aberdeen Angus Cattle are well suited to a pasture-based system. Their smaller frames are reminiscent of cattle raised in years past.

Check out their beef here!

ml brand beef
St. Anthony

Nestled at the foot of the St. Anthony Sand Dunes and shadowed by the once-volcanic Juniper Mountains, White Sands Enterprises are fifth-generation farmers and ranchers. Their children – the sixth generation – are raised on the same land that their Great Great Grandfather Henry Miller first homesteaded in 1874. Their USDA Choice, Prime and Certified Angus Beef are sold under ML Brand Beef.

Check out their beef here!

Phat Pheasant Pharms

Phat Pheasant Pharms raises cattle in Kuna on a 60-acre farm. They sow a rich mixture of grasses, including teff, alfalfa, and triticale, which provides a rounded diet for the cattle and creates a healthy soil and ecosystem. The farm raises Australian Lowline cattle, a smaller breed of Aberdeen Angus that is known for its high meat yield.

Check out their beef here!

snake river farms

Snake River Farms American Kobe (Wagyu) beef is celebrated by chefs and beef connoisseurs throughout the world and featured in a number of Michelin starred restaurants. USDA Prime. the highest USDA grade for beef does not adequately represent the quality of their distinctive and delicious beef. They are family-owned and operated in the Northwest for over 55 years.

Check out their beef here!

thomas cattle company

Thomas Cattle Company is a family operation run by third generation livestock producers. TCC raises premium all natural angus beef in individual cuts. small bundles and beef shares. TCC beef regularly rates prime or high choice.

Check out their beef here!

red star ranch

Red Star Ranch is located along the Snake River canyon in Hazelton, Idaho. In 2012, they took a big step and extended their crop farm to include livestock. Their husbandry practices are centered around the belief that animals should always have access to fresh pasture year round. Cattle, pigs, and poultry graze on perennial or annual cover crop pastures supplemented with grass or alfalfa hay during the winter, if necessary.

Check out their beef here!

van lith ranch

Van Lith Ranch is a third-generation ranch family behind their pasture-to-table cattle operation based on the banks of the Payette River in Idaho. They pride themselves on the dedication they put forth to our animal care and comfort. Each individual animal is treated humanely and responsibly, including hand-selecting the animals just to ensure they can produce the best possible beef.

Check out their beef here!

vogel farms

Buy from Vogel Farms for fresh-from-the-farm, local. all-natural grass and Non-GMO grain-fed beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and turkey. Over 70 years of experience delivers what some say is the tastiest meat in the valley. All of their animals and feed are raised right on the farm in Kuna, Idaho.

Check out their beef here!

weiser river ranch

Weiser River Ranch is a small family business that grows and sells organically-grown beef, lamb, and raspberries (and Jamie’s JAM). They raise their animals on grass, organic alfalfa in the winter, river water, and love. Their meats are USDA certified.

Check out their beef here!


A woman-owned and operated ranch in Marsing, Idaho, raising grass-finished Wagyu beef in the Owyhee Mountains. Wilsey Ranch started out as traditional ranch but shifted because of their strong belief that in order to produce an environmentally friendly, ethical product it must start with healthy soil. This in turn developed into a grass fed and finished beef ranch.

Check out their beef here!

wood river ranch beef

Wood River Ranch is a family-owned operation selling natural grass-fed, grass-finished beef since 2012. The operation is located seven miles south of Bellevue, Idaho just off Highway 75. Wood River Ranch steers are raised on their own pastures in the Wood River Valley. Their beef is free of antibiotics and hormones, USDA inspected, and processed locally.

Check out their beef here!

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