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Farm-Raised Meat Guide: Poultry

Idaho Preferred Farm-Raised POULTRY Guide

Enhance your dining experience this season with a variety of locally sourced meats from Idaho. Fill your freezers with poultry produced right here, ensuring transparency in your food source and direct support for Idaho’s dedicated ranch families.

Choosing local poultry from Idaho farmers means enjoying high-quality, tasty meat. Whether it’s pasture-raised or free-range, Idaho farmers prioritize quality and flavor, ensuring birds are raised with care to enhance your farm-to-fork dining experience. Additionally, supporting local not only brings delicious meals to your table but also strengthens our local economy, making every bite a boost for both your taste buds and our community.

Further, Idaho cultivates over 185 commodities offering a bountiful state where you can more likely find almost anything you need for your dinner table grown, raised, or crafted locally. Check out the Idaho Preferred Farm + Food Finder and discover local poultry producers near you!

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A+ Ranch Organics

A+ Ranch in Richfield is a second-generation family farm, founded in 1978. Through the 1980s and 90s the farm raised turkeys, cattle, and forage crops with organic farming practices always innate. Their farm was Certified Organic in 2008.

Check out their poultry here!

American Ostrich farms

Located on 120-acres in Kuna, American Ostrich Farms is the nation’s foremost producer of gourmet ostrich meat and complementary products, including award-winning pet treats and all-natural skin care. “The other red meat” looks, cooks, and tastes similar to lean beef, while boasting an exceptional nutritional profile and reduced environmental impact.

Check out their poultry here!

Grandad Farms

The Ellison family decided to begin their farming journey to grow food the right way and use food as medicine. They now breed treatment-free bees and grow broilers, layers, and turkeys on pasture with high quality, non-GMO, soy-free, corn-free feed. They’re thrilled to be growing food that they feel good eating.

Check out their pasture-raised turkeys here!

hen & hare microfarm

Started in 2017 and located in south Boise, Hen & Hare Microfarm is just under two acres. They pasture-raise flocks of turkeys seasonally and chickens year-round. Turkeys and chicken graze on grass and insects, and they supplement their diet with a corn and soy-free feed that is locally-grown feed.

Check out their pasture-raised turkeys here!

hipwell Ranch

Raised locally in the beautiful Owyhee Mountain range, Hipwell Ranch offers all natural, local grass fed and finished beef, along with chicken and pork. No antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO – simply back to their roots farming practices that create healthy soils, sustainable feed, and high nutritional benefits for all Hipwell Ranch meats.

Check out their all natural raised chicken here!

little cow mountain farms

Little Cow Mountain Farms has chosen a pasture-based system for its livestock to provide a quality and healthy life for their animals. Their birds are moved daily to fresh grass and are eating the same lush and diverse forge as their cattle. They love clover and alfalfa!

Check out their pastured poultry here!

pringle poultry

Poultry species were born to scratch and peck, and that’s exactly what they do at Pringle Poultry. Their pasture-raised poultry is fertilizing the land to improve soil conditions, along with feeding people in the community. They are excited to be your local poultry farmers!

Check out their chicken here!

Red Star Ranch

Red Star Ranch is located along the Snake River canyon in Hazelton, Idaho. In 2012, they took a big step and extended their crop farm to include livestock. Their husbandry practices are centered around the belief that animals should always have access to fresh pasture year round. Cattle, pigs, and poultry graze on perennial or annual cover crop pastures supplemented with grass or alfalfa hay during the winter, if necessary.

Check out their chicken here!

vogel farms

Buy from Vogel Farms for fresh-from-the-farm, local, all-natural grass and Non-GMO grain-fed beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and turkey. Over 70 years of experience delivers what some say is the tastiest meat in the valley. All of their animals and feed are raised right on the farm in Kuna, Idaho.

Check out their poultry here!

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