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Bowl of risotto with mushrooms

Farm-Raised Meat Guide: Protein Alternatives

Idaho Preferred Farm-Raised Protein Alternatives GUIDE

Enhance your dining experience this season with a variety of locally sourced proteins from Idaho. Fill your cabinets with products produced right here in Idaho, ensuring transparency in your food source and direct support for Idaho’s dedicated farm producers.

Idaho agricultural producers offer a wide variety of high-quality alternative protein products. From plant-based meats to dairy alternatives, Idaho producers are committed to providing consumers with delicious and nutritious options. By choosing Idaho agricultural producers for alternative proteins, you can support local businesses and help to reduce your environmental impact.

Further, Idaho cultivates over 185 commodities offering a bountiful state where you can more likely find almost anything you need for your dinner table grown, raised, or crafted locally. Check out the Idaho Preferred Farm + Food Finder and discover a local fish and caviar producer near you!

Choose any of Idaho’s agricultural products below to get started and browse all of our Idaho Preferred recipes to create a tasty dish.

Dry Beans

Idaho grows ten varieties of dry beans including Pinto, Kidney, Red, Small White, Cranberry, Navy, Light Red, Great Northern, Black, and Pink. Most of Idaho’s dry bean production comes from Idaho’s south-central region. Idaho dry edible beans are available year-round.

Find your local dry bean producers here!


Did you know that Idaho is one of the top dairy-producing states in the nation? In fact, we rank third in U.S. for milk and cheese production. The milk you purchase at local retailers is most likely produced and processed in Idaho. Dairy products produced in Idaho include butter, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.

Find dairy products and producers here!


Discover the farm-fresh taste of Idaho eggs – produced by locally-owned farms with a commitment to quality and sustainability. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, Idaho eggs are a healthy and delicious choice for any meal. Whether you’re cooking up a hearty breakfast or whipping up a tasty dessert, Idaho eggs are the versatile ingredient you need to take your dishes to the next level.

Find local eggs here!


Idaho produces several grains and grain products across the state. We have you covered when looking for a protein alternative: barley, corn, flour, granola, oats, quinoa, teff, wheat, and wild rice.

Discover your local grain producers here!

Bowl of risotto with mushrooms


Mushrooms are known for their mild taste and fun shapes. There are a few different mushroom growers in the State of Idaho. You can find blue oyster, bear’s head, black pearl, pink oyster, white elm, and lion’s mane are some mushroom varieties that you can find in Idaho. Find these mushrooms at your local farmers market or online.

Check out local mushrooms here!