Wissel Farms Inc.

11085 Lake Lowell Ave

Nampa, ID 83686
(208) 467-1880



Located in Nampa at the corner of Lake Lowell and Middleton Wissel Farms strives to bring the freshest produce to their customers. Wissel Farms, a family run business, was originally established in 1911, and while a lot of things have changed over the years the Wissel Family still believes in great service and high quality products.


The farm originally started growing wheat, beans and sugarbeats, but Matt Wissel decided it was time for a change. Today they grow a diverse selection of vegetables and melons including green beans, watermelon, sweet corn, cabbage, pumpkins and winter squashes.


Matt constantly strives to produce the most flavorful varieties possible. He does not believe in growing a certain variety just because it will yield the biggest harvest or be visually superior. Matt believes flavor is the most important factor when choosing which seeds to plant and varieties to grow. It is Matt’s philosophy that pesticides should not be used as a preventative measure, but only when there is a specific need, and they do not grow GMO crops or use systemic pesticides.


You can find their produces, as well as other local products such as honey and fruit at their onsite farm stand. They also sell their produce to several grocery stores across Idaho such as Winco, Albertson’s, Paul’s Market, and several roadside stands. Wissel Farms was featured last year on KTVB’s Farm to Fork series. You can watch that video of their sweet corn traveling from the farm and into Winco stores. Click here to watch (Farm to Fork Corn).

Matt Wissel enjoys working with his family on the farm and says, “We laugh every day and we enjoy what we do.” For more on Wissel Farms and their products go to www.wisselfarms.com.