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Eat Idaho-Grown Protein All Year Long

In Idaho you may not be able to eat local produce year around, but Idaho proteins like meat and fish are always available. Did you know, if you had to eat all of the beef produced within the state you would have to eat 2 lbs. of beef a day! Beef isn’t the only protein Idaho has to offer. Idaho is the top producer of trout in the United States raising nearly half of all farm raised trout.

Idaho Trout
Fish farms in southern Idaho rely on the 58 degree water full of oxygen to raise trout, sturgeon, caviar and more! Clear Springs Foods in Buhl has raised rainbow trout in concrete raceways since 1966.  Clear Springs Foods is the largest producer of rainbow trout in the world. Idaho trout can be found on the menus of restaurants around the United States.  Learn more about the process of Clear Springs Foods in this short video.
Fish Processors of Idaho also relies on this warm spring water in Hagermen. Leo and his wife Judith Ray began their catfish farm in California, and moved to Idaho in 1973 after learning more about the geothermal water in Southern Idaho. Fish Breeders of Idaho raises United States native blue and channel catfish as well as sturgeon, tilapia, Idaho caviar and trout. In 2003, Fish Producers of Idaho began raising trout for Whole Foods. Check out our recipe page for a variety of trout recipe idea.

Idaho Beef
Local beef can be found throughout the state – maybe because Idaho has more cows than people! Sisler Ranch in Gem County, Red Star Ranch in Jerome County, Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef in Elmore County, 24 West Ranch in Ada County, Weiser River Ranch in Adams County, Weiser River Signature Beef in the Weiser River Valley and Wood River Ranch Beef in Blaine County all offer locally packaged beef. Order directly from the farm for Idaho raised beef. Snake River Farms/Agri Beef, headquartered in Boise offers a variety of beef that can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home.  Check out our website for a complete list of Idaho farmers and ranchers near you for their contact information. 

Idaho Lamb
Gutierrez Family Farms raises grass fed lamb. They graze their ewes and lambs year-round on their small farm in Nampa, Idaho. They rotationally graze the flock through spring and summer months and preserve winter hay fields to provide year-round grazing. The hay they supplement for the ewes during lambing is harvested from their own fields. Lamb from Gutierrez Family Farms can now be found at the Broadway Albertsons. Look for their lamb on local restaurant menus like Fork, Remingtons and Capital Cellars. 

Idaho Deer
Black Pine Deer Farm in McCall started in 1998 and has continued to grow ever since. They are now licensed to process and market venison to restaurants, health-food stores and individuals desiring low-fat, low cholesterol, naturally produced venison free of hormones and feed additives. Other deer products, such as breeding stock, hides and antlers are also available. Look for their deer meat at the McCall Farmers Market and the Boise Co-op. 

Idaho Pork
In 2017 Idaho exported $3.4 million in pork products. Pork products can include a variety of items like bacon, sausage, hot dogs, pork sirloin, pork tenderloin and more! Snedaker’s Fine Swine in Cambridge raises all natural USDA pork. Find their pork products at the McCall Farms Market or order direct.
Independent Meat Co. also known to consumers as Falls Brand was founded in 1904. Their processing plant is located in Twin Falls. Look for their product in most retail stores across the states. Not sure what to cook for dinner? Check out Independent Meat Co. recipe page for a variety of ideas!


Next time you shop, look for local beef, lamb, pork, elk, chicken, trout and venison. Or, buy directly from the rancher. Find a full list of Idaho protein products here. Still hungry for more local ideas? Follow us on Facebook!