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Life’s a Peach

August is here and do you know what that means? The first peaches of the season are ready!

Single Peach on TreeThis flavorful Idaho fruit is available now in grocery stores and farmers markets. Look for sweet and juicy Idaho peaches at local retailers like Winco, Albertsons, Paul’s, Walmart and road-side fruit stands. Idaho peaches are grown across the Gem State by producers including Symms Fruit Ranch, Kelley’s Canyon Orchard, Williams Fruit Ranch, Garret Ranches, Northview Orchard, Henggeler Packing Company, Tyler’s Rocky Point Orchard, Walker Fruit Ranch and Williamson Orchards & Vineyards. Some places even offer u-pick!

Idaho peaches are extra sweet and juicy due to perfect growing conditions. The hot summer days and cool nights allow for maximum sugar production which makes the tastiest peach! Local peaches are more flavorful than those shipped in from out of state because they are left on the tree longer and picked at peak ripeness. To ensure you find the freshest peaches in your area, look for the Idaho Preferred® logo.

Our favorite way to enjoy this summer treat is fresh from the tree, but this versatile fruit is also delicious dried, frozen, canned or made into jellies and jams.

If you want more fun ways to eat Idaho peaches, try these amazing recipes!

Idaho Honey Peach Ice Cream

Honey Peach Ice Cream

Peach and Tomato Salsa

Mortimer’s Peach Cobbler

Emeril’s Warm Peach Pancakes