Kauffman Farm

3791 N 2100 E

Filer, ID 83328
(208) 326-4131


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Kauffman Farm of Filer, ID offers consumers the opportunity to source a variety of products directly from us the producer or from other Idaho producers. Some of their products include sweet corn, squash, tomatoes, pumpkins, barley, and barley soup mix.

Clark Kauffmanʼs farming enterprise has grown and evolved over the last forty years. He began farming by renting farmland and two years later he bought 120 acres of that land near Filer.His first crops included hay,grain and corn grown specifically for a small local dairy.

Clark’s next enterprise was to grow sweet corn for the Green Giant plant in southern Idaho and he added fresh sweet corn for a local market as well. He soon realized he had two choices –  expand acreage of a single crop or diversify and include several smaller crops and fill local markets. Choosing to diversify,Kauffman began to work with some unique experimental crops including chicory root, several squash varieties and cucumber for seed. To assure income and reduce risk involved in these specialty crops, he also produced commoditycrops such as sugar beets,onion seed and canola seed.

To take advantage of consumers’ request for local products, Clark started selling his produce at the Twin Falls Farmers’ market with the assistance of his daughter-in-law, Katie. He continued to expand his fresh product offering and today Kauffman grows tomatoes, peppers, red beets, sweet corn, peas, peppers, and spinach.

In 2007, Kauffman Farms became involved in the production and packaging of barley products. Clark grew the barley and set up a small packaging facility on his Filer farm. With his wife and children assisting him, he began producing and packaging pearl barley and a Hearty Barley Soup mix.

Kauffman Farm products can be found in Twin Falls at Ridleyʼs, Swensenʼs Market and Rudyʼs, and also at the Boise Co-op in the Treasure Valley.

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