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An Idaho Picnic: A Basket Full of Idaho

Idaho Picnic Basket

These nice summer days have us all wanting to spend more time enjoying the lovely Idaho summer. When heading outdoors to the park, for a hike, or to see a play or concert make sure to pack a locally inspired picnic basket.

For all the staple picnic ingredients like bread, fruit, cheese, and wine there are plenty of options to chose from. Several Idaho Preferred bakers offer freshly made baguettes that use Idaho flour and other locally sourced ingredients. Pair the baguette with an all Idaho cheese plate, some Idaho cherries and berries and you have a delicious start. Make your cheese plate with cheese from Ballard, Blue Sage Farms, or some goat cheese from Goshen Farms or Wood n’ Goat Gardens. Grab a jar or two of Dilly’s picked vegetables and a bottle of your favorite Idaho wine and you have the perfect Idaho picnic spread.

Picnic Basket

Want to make sandwiches? Grab a loaf of Idaho bread from one of the many bakers including Great Harvest Bread Co., Zeppole Baking or Alpicella. Live in Moscow area? Stop by the Moscow Co-Op to pick up a loaf of their bread that uses Harvest Ridge Organics flour. Next, grab a pre-sliced cooked ham from Falls Brand (available at Wal-Mart) or Gem Pack, Idaho cheese, local greens and tomatoes, and Idaho mustard from Wagner’s Mustards. Serve with Idaho Pea & Potato salad from the Live. Eat. Local: Idaho Recipes for All Seasons cookbook. For drinks, make up some Homemade by Dorothy’s huckleberry lemonade or for the adults Idaho craft brewers, Sockeye and Payette, have new summer beers out.


Don’t forget dessert! Make the all Idaho Rhubarb Pie. From the crust to the filling this pie is all Idaho.

Idaho Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Get creative with your local picnic.  As summer continues there will be more and more local options to add. Idaho has so much to offer from its beautiful picnic spots to its bountiful food options to fill your basket.