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Spyglass Gardens

celebrating 24 years of Growing!

Owned and operated by Steve and Wendy Smith, Spyglass Gardens has become a unique family-owned farm. Established in 2000, Spyglass Gardens has been nurtured as an all-natural farm, growing through organic means. No harmful pesticides or herbicides are used in the greenhouse or on the fields. Enriching the soil with natural organic amendments creates a microbial environment that benefits the life in the soil. Which in turn increases the health of the plant, and the result is healthier foods to consume. 

Spyglass is proud to offer an 11-week seasonal CSA program that has a variety of healthy produce for its members. The bounty consists of pretty much everything from arugula to zucchini.

Among the tapestry of the farm, there are over 60 fruit and nut trees, countless berries, and grapes. Early in February, in the Glory B Greenhouse, thousands of vegetables and flower seeds are carefully sowed by the hands of Wendy, Bethany, and Hazel. In mid-March over 600 starts of cold crops will be moved to the Hazel House (greenhouse) for hardening off before being planted in the real world.

In early April, 900 tomatoes and 300 peppers will be moved to the Rock House (their first greenhouse) for climate hardening. During the summer, succession planting of greens, corn, cucumbers, and summer squash is started to ensure endless supply through the program. 

During March the Glory B Greenhouse transforms into a colorful array of hanging baskets and bedding plants. Spyglass Gardens’s Custom Grow Program has also grown over the last 24 years. Hanging baskets from 12 inches to 20 inches can be found. The program offers home delivery and vessel enhancements. Though the farm is not open daily, it is open for its “Annual Tour de Farm” Mother’s Day Weekend. Unique vessels and hanging baskets are available along with bedding plants, succulents, and herbs. Customers are also welcome to join the free guided tours.

Spyglass offers fun hands-on classes both later in spring and during the summer. Also, Wendy hosts a “Preserving the Harvest” class in June. This class covers fermenting, canning, freeze-drying, dehydrating, and freezing. Check out their website for dates, costs, and reservations for all classes.

CSA Program
Become a member of the farm and enjoy 11 weeks of fresh picked all-natural produce. Email for a contract and join today!   

​Custom Grow Program
Customized containers for home or commercial needs, designed specifically for each customer and environment. The containers are filled with all-natural, locally grown flora. Customers can bring their empty pots, vessels, and hanging baskets and Spyglass Gardens will create beautiful hanging gardens, specific for the customer! Call for details.

Mother’s Day Tour de Farm
May 10-12, 2024
Come enjoy a stroll about the farm, and select from many hanging baskets, unique flower containers, and more. Planting stations for “Kids for Moms” and “Herb Hanging Baskets” will be available as hands-on experiences.

All-Natural Produce Bulk Sales
For the preserver, berries are available from late June to mid-July, August. Tomatoes, peppers, peaches, apples, and pears are also available. Call to get on the list for your favorites. 

Spyglass Gardens is not open to the public daily.

Spyglass Gardens Recipes

Spyglass GardensSteve's Zesty Fresh Salsa