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Idaho Ag-Artisan Holiday Gift Guide


Idaho Preferred Ag-artisan Git Guide

Looking for unique gourmet gifts from Idaho to give your loved ones this holiday season? We got you covered –  our first ever Ag-artisan holiday gift guide filled with food, fiber and other ag-related gifts that come from hardworking Idaho farmers, food crafters and ranchers! By choosing local this holiday season, you are supporting Idaho’s economy from the ground up!  Check it out!

The Grazing Board

Do you know someone who loves to snack all day? Or maybe they really like charcuterie boards and can’t ever find enough local to make it the best. Find the best snacks and charcuterie items that Idaho has to offer here!

Sweets for the Sweet

This next section of out Holiday Gift Guide is for the person who has a major sweet tooth! Idaho’s sweet options are endless and are tasty for those that are 8 or 80. Take your time to browse through varieties of delicious candies from Idaho’s best.

Furry Friends

Is there a four legged, furry friend in your family that is spoiled rotten? These Idaho pet treats will make your furry friends wag their tails in delight, and they make perfect stocking stuffers for those who have pets if you don’t.

Grill Master

It might be snowy outside now, but its never to early to prepare for summer and the grilling season. Idaho has everything you need for the best barbeque, sauces, spices, potato chips, even the wood chips for your grill to make the greatest burgers in town. Take a peak and find what’s best for the grill master in your life. If you’re looking for meat, check out our Holiday Meat Guide!

Personal Care and Wellness

It’s good to take some time to take care of yourself. Idaho’s agricultural producers have developed products to make you the best you. Products include proteins, broths to salves with herbs that are grown right here in Idaho. So while you take your time taking care of yourself, take some time to browse some Idaho wellness.

For the Fiber Crafter

Do you have a loved one that likes to curl up next to the fireplace and knit away during the holidays? If so, Idaho’s fiber producers have some of the best fibers for the knitting enthusiast. Search through the links below to find the colors and yarn types that best fit the knitter in your life.

Household Products You WANT as a Gift

Idaho’s agriculture is so diverse, and we often don’t think about the useful (and cool!) household items we can give for holiday gifts.

Tea Bundles

Honey is a major part of drinking a good cup of tea. If you know someone who loves tea as much as Idaho loves potatoes, then they need to try their tea with Idaho honey! Honey producers in the state have different flavors from the different flowers the bees interact with, even to having cocoa and matcha infused honeys. Check out the list!

Holiday Breakfast Basket

An easy gift to give the busy parent — put together a holiday breakfast basket! Once the presents are open under the tree, they won’t have to think about what to put on the table!

The Idaho Martini Starter Pack

Shaken or stirred, your booze buddies are sure to appreciate an Idaho artisanal cocktail this holiday season. Stock the bar with local goodies!

If you’re looking for something stronger, look no further than flavored vodka from Idaho! These flavors are unique to Idaho agriculture and will make your next cocktail extra special for the holidays.

Idaho Wine

Idaho’s soils and summers make for a very unique tasting wine. Give unique as the perfect gift for the holidays with this selection of Idaho wine.

Idaho New Year’s Eve Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine? Sounds funny, but this could be a great addition to any of your holiday festivities for a little extra something. Try it with Idaho white sturgeon caviar for something new!

Idaho Brews

Idaho is the nation’s number two producer of hops which is a main ingredient in beer. Idaho’s breweries provide the beer enthusiast a variety of different brews and flavors that are great for gifts! Check out the list of Idaho breweries to try one this holiday season.

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