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Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm

It’s All About the Soil

Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown, USDA Certified Organic, and Real Organic Project Certified produce farm in Moyie Springs, Idaho. They are 25 miles south of the Canadian border and 10 miles west of the Montana border, perched on a ridge at 2,800 feet in elevation along the Purcell Mountain Range. 

Although they have farming in their family history, they are learning as they go, in a very dynamic, short season averaging 90 “frost-free” days. They are building the farm out of the forest, amending the local glacial silt with local pond peat, and developing a system of permanently raised 30-inch beds. They primarily use hand tools to minimize soil disturbance and maximize soil nutrients.

Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm carrots

Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm strongly believes food has a nutritional value and a relationship with the soil. Because, as they like to say, “It’s all about the soil.” Please visit their “Soap Box” at their farmers market booth in Bonners Ferry to learn more.