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Pack River Farm

Know Your Farmer Better Than Your Doctor

Pack River Farm a certified organic farm in the Selle Valley in North Idaho. They grow year round with 5 greenhouses in production. along with 1 acre of outside garden. They enjoy connecting with our local community by reaching out through education, farmers market and tours of the farm!

It is important to them that all food is grown with respect for our planet, they achieve this by enriching and remineralizing the soil to get higher quality produce and healthier soil. The farm follows restorative practices of the land, animals, and plants, they are currently in the process of creating a Silvo Pasture for their chickens to enjoy, this creates a self-sustaining environment through fruit-bearing trees, bushes, and plants. By using all of these practices they believe that this creates a higher quality of meat, eggs, and produce.

They know that all plants have healing properties from apples to zucchinis!

Idaho Preferred had the chance to catch up with Pack River Farm in North Idaho for our “Farm to Chef Connection” series

Pack River Farm supplies numerous restaurants with their fresh produce and greens. They can be found at the Sandpoint Farmers Markets most weekends.