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Purple Sage Farms

Connecting our community to the healthiest, freshest, and most flavorful food

Organic herbs, specialty produce, and meat

Purple Sage Farms is a family owned and operated organic farm in Middleton, Idaho. We grow fresh herbs, greens, edible flowers, and specialty produce in greenhouses; we also raise grass-fed, hormone- and-antibiotic-free sheep, goats, and cattle.

Tim Sommer and Tamara Sloviaczek started the operation in 1988 as part of a plan to return to their childhood farming lives. Pioneers in Idaho Organic Farming, they grow fresh herbs, greens, and specialty produce in greenhouses and raise grass-fed livestock free from hormones or antibiotics. Organic crops, combined with pastured livestock, equates to a Regenerative Farming practice that’s kind to the Earth and its elements.

Purple Sage Farm’s mission is to introduce people to locally grown, healthy, fresh, and flavorful food.

Click here to see Purple Sage’s wide variety of herbs and lamb.

Look for products at the Boise Co-op, The Boise Farmers Market, and on the menu at several local restaurants.