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Local Idaho Organic Producers Guide

The demand for local Idaho organic products is on the rise as consumers increasingly seek food choices that align with their values. Organic farming practices, including crop rotation, cover cropping, and natural pest management, play a crucial role in promoting soil health, conserving water, and preserving biodiversity. Organics are so important to Idaho agriculture that Governor Little has proclaimed July 16-22, 2023, to be “Idaho Organics Week.”

By embracing organic farming, Idaho’s agricultural sector is tapping into new economic opportunities, protecting the environment, ensuring food safety, meeting consumer preferences, and fostering sustainable practices. While the following list of local Idaho organic producers features Idaho Preferred participants, it’s important to note that there are currently over 240 certified organic farms throughout the state, and supporting local organic farmers and ranchers is one more way consumers can help maintain Idaho’s robust agricultural community.


The Mason and Cornie families have farmed in Idaho’s Magic Valley for three generations. 1,000 Springs Mill makes good on their mission, “Healthy People. Healthy Future,” every day by employing organic and regenerative agriculture practices, constantly improving our food and environment. From non-GMO popping corn to organic quick oats, find their products at the Boise Co-op and Lark and Larder in Boise, or buy direct from their website.

Location: 430 7th Avenue South, Buhl, ID 83316
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Cooking ingredients, beans, grains, corn, and bulk products


Since 1978, A+ Ranch has ensured the utmost care for their animals and the land they’re raised on. They nurture the soil that grows feed for their livestock, and carefully select the high-protein feeds they can’t grow. Their animals live exclusively outdoors as soon as they’re mature enough to withstand the elements. Taste “beyond organic” with A+ Ranch at Atkinson’s Market, the Boise Co-op, Kraay’s Market, Blue Rock Farm Market, or shop online at their website.

Location: 1231 E 1420 N, Richfield, ID 83349
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Turkey, beef, and chicken


Bitterroot has been “wildcrafting” their soothing elderberry syrup with the same recipe for fifteen years, hand-harvesting a pound of elderberries for each 20-ounce bottle! They primarily forage for delicious black and blue elderberries in Idaho’s pristine wilderness, but these wildcrafting journeys occasionally offer opportunities for other exciting products as well. Each drop of this heart-healthy and immune-boosting elderberry elixir packs a healthful blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Location: 876 Red Fir Road, Kooskia, ID 83539
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Elderberry syrup and gummies


Made from scratch in Garden City and 100% women-owned, Brooks Broth taps into bone broth’s multi-millennial track record as a healing digestive tonic. Brooks Broth is made from the finest organic chickens, vegetables, and spices available, simmered for 48 hours to extract collagen, gelatin, calcium, and other key nutrients for your gut, and finished with their unique “Mountain Aloha” spice blend. “Drink your veggies” with Brooks Vegetable Broth, packed with nutrients and antioxidants from an organic medley of fresh, locally grown vegetables.

Location: 5169 N Glenwood, Garden City, ID 83714
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Chicken bone broth, vegetable broth, gourmet pet broth


Cloud Eleven is a family-owned and operated farm in the heart of the Purcell Mountains. In their dynamic 90-day “frost free” season, this sustainable and speedy farm grows healthy food from healthy soil. After all, “It’s all about the Soil,” with their organic practices centered on promoting nutrients and fertility in their system of permanent raised 30-inch beds. Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm sells a variety of produce through weekly CSA boxes, the Bonners Ferry Farmers Market, and special orders.

Location: 371 Gail Lane, Moyie Springs, ID 83845
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Garden vegetables and herbs


Desert Mountain ranchers are in it for the long haul, harnessing the power of regenerative agriculture to promote environmental health for generations to come. Try their grass-fed and finished American Wagyu beef, rich and healthy fats and nutrients, to support small-scale, family-run Idaho agriculture. Find their products at retailers across Idaho, or buy online at their website.

Location: Hammett, ID
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: 100% grass-fed and finished American Wagyu beef


Nestled in a little gully along the foothills of Boise’s North End neighborhood is the iconic Edwards Greenhouse, an independent family-owned gardening sanctuary for over 60 years. In addition to their knowledgeable staff and high-quality plants, you’ll want to see for yourself what makes Edwards special, including: 

  • Music in the gazebo for An Evening at Edwards 
  • YogaPop Meditation in the Garden classes and workshops 
  • You-pick flowers in the cutting garden 
  • Retail market, with plants and local artisan crafts 
  • Special events, weddings, etc.
  • Children’s gardening program: Edwards Earthworms

Location: 4106 Sand Creek, Boise, ID 83703
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Annuals, perennials, custom container planting, trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs, berries, tomatoes, lavender, commercial growing, horticultural supplies


Contact this small family farm to purchase fresh eggs from free-range chickens! Their two acres are also home to turkeys, sheep, a variety of crops, and English walnut trees.

Location: 9402 W Burnett Dr, Boise, ID 83709
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Free-range chicken eggs, lamb, and walnuts


Since 2008, this sustainable family farm has operated on four generations of farming expertise to offer some of Idaho’s finest dark northern spring wheat, soft durum wheat, and rolled oats. Taste Harvest Ridge’s commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture at retail locations in Moscow, Lewiston, and Sandpoint, or buy online at their website.

Location: 3233 Powers Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Spring wheat, rolled oats, soft durum wheat


Hen and Hare is small but mighty: on just two acres, they offer everything from eggs laid by pasture-raised poultry to herbal skincare products. They’re committed to sustainability, nurturing and cherishing every part of the growing process down to the insects.

Location: 9304 W Burnett Dr, Boise, ID 83709
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Pasture-raised poultry, homemade jams, and herbal skincare products


Terroir isn’t just for wine: you can almost taste the cold rush of the spring-fed Silver Creek in Hillside’s grain and flour. The Stevenson family farm is entering a new chapter, focusing on long-term sustainability and community connections while delivering the same wholesome grains since the 1970s. Find their products at retail locations across Boise and the Wood River Valley, or buy online at their website.

Location: 171 Pero Rd, Bellevue, ID 83313
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Grain and flour


Don’t mistake KozGro’s products for fertilizers—while a fertilizer delivers synthetic nutrients at the risk of damaging soil’s intricate microbiome, KozGro Organics’ line of products work with the soil’s natural biology to balance and improve the ecosystem! They offer four products to support the unique needs of fruits and vegetables, ornamental plants, indoor plants, and large farming operations. KozGro products are perfect for your backyard garden or lawn, increasing nutrients, minerals, organic matter, and humas to help your plants thrive.

Location: Cambridge, ID
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Natural plant soil builders


The Heaths know that “sustainable and organic is the way to go.” On their 400-acre farm south central Idaho, the Buhl family raises organic products for local markets and the Boise Co-op.

Location: 1008 E 4100 N, Buhl, ID 83316
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Potatoes, winter squash, and dry beans


This nursery specializes in BonnerBlue varieties of haskap plants developed by the University of Idaho, carefully selected for plant vigor and berry production. These plants withstand Bonner County’s harsh winters, strong winds, and droughts. Each plant produces an abundance of berries, perfect for large-scale farmers and backyard hobbyists alike!

Location: Sagle, ID
Retail and/or Wholesale: Wholesale
Primary Products: BonnerBlue Haskap plants


New Choices never uses synthetic chemicals to grow their plants. Instead, their aquaponic farming allows fish and plants to thrive in harmony, just as nature intended. Their free-range hens get the freedom they deserve, enjoying ample outdoor time with vast fields of tasty grass and bugs. New Choices works hard for a good cause—they commit at least 10% of their farm production to homeless ministries, helping those in need.

Location: 5445 W Highway 52, Emmett, ID 83617
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Aquaponic vegetables, herbs, free-range chicken eggs


Ohana No-Till Farm understands that Mother Nature knows best. That’s why they utilize no-till agriculture, natural fertilization methods, and integrated pest management to promote robust soil. Support sustainable farming by trying their produce at the Boise Farmer’s Market or joining their CSA!

Location: 1335 E McMillan Rd, Meridian, ID 83642
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Vegetables, fruits, breads, jams, pickled items, frozen produce, and microgreens


Pack River Farm is a beloved Selle Valley gem. With 5 greenhouses and 1 acre of outside garden, they support their community year-round with a variety of greens, medicinal herbs, education, and outreach, all with respect for the land. Find their products at local markets and restaurants, or buy online at their website.

Location: 3161 Selkirk Rd, Sandpoint, ID 83864
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Greens, garden vegetables, goat milk products, and honey


Peaceful belly is a 35-acre family farm that’s deeply integrated into the Caldwell community. Since 2002, this farm has been committed to growing wholesome, biodiverse, and organic food with integrity and respect for the earth. These artisans strive to build a sustainable business model that invites Idahoans to deeply engage with their food, from seed to market. Visit their Cider House and Farm Cafe for a delicious farm-to-table experience, or buy their produce on-site or at local markets.

Location: 20023 Hoskins Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Heirloom vegetables, fruit, and flowers


This family farm has specialized in growing organic herbs, greens, and produce for over 30 years! They’ve mastered a diverse crop rotation, sustainable harvesting practices, and all-natural fertilizing methods that nurture the soil’s precious ecosystems, ensuring the healthiest, freshest, and most flavorful food. Find their produce at restaurants and markets across Idaho, or shop online at their website.

Location: 11741 Bullock Lane, Middleton, ID 83644
Retail and/or Wholesale: Both
Primary Products: Herbs, greens, specialty produce, and grass-fed animal products


Seven Oaks Orchards grows a variety of apples to please any palate. Find them at their shared fruit stand with Gem Orchards in Emmett.

Location: 2563 W South Slope Rd, Emmet, ID 83617
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, and Fuji apples


Vogel Farms offers fresh, all-natural grass- and Non-GMO grain-fed livestock, raised with four generations of expertise. These Kuna-raised animals always have ample room to roam, with access to cozy indoor and vast outdoor spaces. They also offer an array of “Made in Idaho” products, always with friendly and personal service. Shop Vogel Farms at the Boise Co-op, Albertsons Market Street, the Nampa Farmers Market, or Cliffs Market in Caldwell, or buy online at their website.

Location: Emmett, ID
Retail and/or Wholesale: Retail
Primary Products: Grain-fed beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and turkey